Special Needs Toys sell a range of sensory toys, switches, rewards, swings and trampolines.

Live & Love it receive 10% of the proceeds when one of our clients purchases equipment from Special Needs Toys and quotes our name. We put this money towards buying new resources to enhance our therapy service.


The Springboard Project offers play and leisure opportunities for families with young children at their centres in Horsham and Crawley. They also offer fun short breaks for children and teenagers with disabilities. The centres host a soft play, sensory room, dark room and home from home lounge areas indoors. A kitchen space provides the option to have lunch and make hot drinks for parents. The outdoor garden space has play opportunities for all weathers.

Live & Love it can provide our clients with a free first visit voucher to try out the centre.


The Down Syndrome Development Trust is a charity offering support to children and young people living with Down Syndrome.

Live & Love it can offer bespoke assessment packages at a special price for associates of the trust.


Vital Links are the developers of the Therapeutic Listening programme. Therapeutic listening is a tool designed to support sensory processing, regulation and motor skill development.

Live & Love it uses Vital links programmes to support our therapy services.