Professionals we work with

Amanda Fletcher – Thinking Families

Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapists
Thinking Families offer consultation and assessment to families with concerns for the wellbeing of their family members with ongoing work and support.

We have experience offering joint assessment and intervention with Amanda for children with a diagnosis of ASD and children with a history of developmental trauma.

Louise Kemp – Horsham Talk Time

Louise is a private speech and language therapist based in Horsham.

We have experience carrying out joint OT and Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) intervention sessions with Louise at our studio and may consult Louise for advice if we feel a child would benefit from an SLT assessment.

Holly Garwell – Star Physio

Star Physio offers paediatric physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, postural management and training and teaching.

Holly has offered physiotherapy consultations as part of the assessment and follow up intervention stages of our therapy programmes. We work jointly with Holly with clients who have Occupational Therapy and PT needs utilising the skills of both professions to maximise a child’s progress.

Sarah Burling

Sarah is a swimming teacher with a wealth of experience teaching children and young people with motor coordination, sensory processing and social communication difficulties to swim.
Please contact us if you would like Sarah’s contact details.

Sarah regularly liaises with Live & Love it, to explore teaching methods suited to children’s motor coordination needs including 6 sessions in the pool teaching Ashleigh’s adult swimming lessons.

Please remember that whilst we endeavour to share details of professionals we trust and have experience working with, whenever choosing a professional to work with your family it is essential that you do your own research and speak with the provider to ensure they are the right fit for your family.

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  • Paediatric Occupational Therapy
  • Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Sensory Attachment Intervention

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