Group Occupational Therapy Sessions

Group Occupational Therapy Sessions

Occupational Therapy group sessions can be offered for schools, charities and at our studio for small groups of children identified to have similar needs.

Sensory Squad and motor skills sessions

New Group Commencing 28th January 2020.

We have teamed up with the Down Syndrome Development Trust to offer a sensory motor group for children and young people with Down Syndrome

Next Workshop date: 30th March 2020

  • When: Tuesday mornings every week
  • Location: DSDT’s base in Seaford
  • Cost: Fees of £3.50 are donation based

All children will be assessed prior, using home/school completion questionnaires and structured observations in the first session.

Children will be grouped based on age and areas of strength and need. The group is appropriate for children with Down Syndrome whoa re struggling with:

  • Self care skills eg. dressing, opening lunch containers and using cutlery.
  • Fine motor skills – Scissor skills, writing, threading, fastening buttons.
  • Gross motor skills such as balance, strength, postural control and coordination impacting on play and leisure opportunities.
  • Attention, Self- regulation; difficulties achieving and maintaining a calm and alert (focussed) arousal state in order to participate in activities.
  • Sensory modulation difficulties.

Sensory strategies and sensory based play will be utilised to support sensory modulation needs.
Please note: this is different to Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy.

Contact Live & Love it or DSDT if you would like to sign up.