One to One Sessions

A range of approaches will be used within One to One sessions

Therapists will select the approaches that are best suited to your child’s needs based on their initial assessment

Occupational Therapy approaches may include:

Ayres Sensory Integration

Sensory Attachment Intervention

Cognitive approaches including, bespoke, cognitive self-regulation

Sensory Ladders

Interoception Curriculum

Parent / teaching coaching

Sensory-Motor Approach

Goal-directed practice

Session Information:

Sessions run Monday to Friday; the first session is at 9am and the last commences at 4.30pm.

If one to one therapy sessions are recommended, they typically take place on a weekly basis. When a child is nearing discharge the frequency of sessions may be gradually decreased.

Sessions last for 50 minutes allowing 10 minutes for the therapist to set up and prepare between sessions.

The session cost also covers clinical note taking and resource preparation.