Training Opportunities

Live & Love it, offer bespoke training packages to meet the needs of your school or service, alternatively see our pre-developed packages or open workshops for which you can purchase individual tickets below.

Anxiety and Regulation in School – “Can’t” cooperate vs. “Won’t cooperate”

Presented by Live & Love it in collaboration with Thinking Families

A school training programme designed for teachers and learning support staff working with children with mild-moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing difficulties, Anxiety, ADHD and Attachment Difficulties.

The training programme aims to provide staff with an introduction to what happens in the brain when a child enters a ‘too high’ arousal state to carry out their school occupations, what the triggers may be and how to help a child to return to a ‘just right’ arousal state.

Next Workshop date: 30th March 2020

This course can also be booked by schools via the contact us form

A Sensory Diet Workshop

This workshop aims to take parents and teachers through the process of developing a sensory programme bespoke to their child or class to support them to remain in a ‘just right’ arousal state.

Having the right combination of sensory input integrated within a child’s routine can help regulate the nervous system, giving them a greater capacity to manage the challenges they come across throughout their day.

Next Workshop date: 18th May 2020

This course can also be booked by schools via the contact us form

Bespoke Training Packages

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