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Handwriting Programmes

Handwriting without tears is a multisensory programme that aids letter (uppercase, lowercase and cursive) and number formation development.

Handwriting without tears

  • The use of music.
  • Playdough letters.
  • The ‘wet, dry try’ method using a blackboard.
  • Mat man to develop body awareness.
  • Wooden pieces for letter constructions

We may recommend that your child complete this programme at home/school, or utilise these activities within their therapy sessions.

Speed Up! Handwriting Programme

Speed up! is an 8 week multisensory handwriting course for children age 8-13 that can be delivered by a teacher, learning support assistant or therapist. We usually recommend this programme for children who are struggling with handwriting speed, fluency and those who experience pain and fatigue when writing.

We may advise that this programme is carried out in school or within a peer group with others with similar needs which is run as a group session at our studio.