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A therapy programme may be recommended to supplement a one to one therapy programme or as part of a discharge plan.

OT Skills Programme:

The key focus of this programme is to work on specific areas for development including, but not limited to; fine and gross motor skills, postural strength, coordination, visual perception and handwriting.

The therapist will discuss the priorities with you and your child to decide on both the focus of the OT programme and agree on an effective way to implement it.

Regulation Toolkit:

  1. Develop a visual tool to provide a common language for you, your child and other adults supporting them to talk about their arousal states.
  2. Routine Review – You and/or your child’s school staff will be asked to fill in an arousal state record form for 1 week (like a food diary but for our senses). The therapist will use this to pinpoint the times of day your child would benefit from either supplementary sensory input or access to lower arousal spaces.
  3. A Sensory Activity Programme –  The focus of this programme is to provide guidance on the most advantageous combination of sensory activities within a child’s routine. This will support them to remain within a favourable, ‘just right’ arousal state throughout the day and respond more appropriately to sensory stimuli. The therapist will explore sensory activities with your child in our studio to determine which sensory activities would be most beneficial and devise a bespoke programme indicating how and when to integrate these activities into their daily routines.