Therapy Services > School, Nursery & Home Support Visits

Support visits may be advised as part of a child’s therapeutic support package. The therapist would visit your child in their own home or within their educational setting to observe the impact of their difficulties on their ability to function.

Home Visits:

1) To provide specific recommendations;

  • The therapist will visit the child in their own home.
  • The time of the visit would be planned to allow the therapist to observe the child at the time of day they are experiencing challenge (e.g. getting ready in the morning, a family mealtime, or playing in the garden).

2) To develop a bespoke sensory diet programme;

  • The therapist may visit in order to create a bespoke sensory diet programme that can be carried out within the child’s home; the programme would be tailored to the environment and the equipment available.
  • The therapist can advise on how to create a regulating environment in the home based on the child’s sensory preferences.

School/Nursery visit:

1) To provide recommendations;

  • The therapist will observe the child in school to identify how their difficulties present within the school environment.
  • The observation will preferably take place during times of day that are known to be challenging (e.g. breaktime, a specific lesson or in the lunch hall).
  • Following the observation, the therapist will discuss your child’s strengths and needs with key staff. They will provide specific recommendations and identify goals that can be addressed within one to one sessions or programmes. These recommendations can be provided in the form or a short report or verbally to staff on site, on the day.

2) To develop a bespoke sensory diet programme;

  • The therapist may recommend a bespoke programme for the child following the visit if felt necessary.
  • Exploration of the school/nursery environment will allow the therapist to note the potentially therapeutic spaces and identify the available equipment that could be included in a bespoke sensory diet programme.